Victors Drinks | Spotted: These five people we all know…
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09 Oct Spotted: These five people we all know…

It doesn’t matter what your circle of friends is like, you definitely have at least one of each of these people in your life – we all do! Having attended many a party, Alex Dixon, Co-founder of Victor’s Drinks, the brand behind the world’s first 48 hour make your own cider and ale kits, gives you the lowdown on the five personalities that will definitely, no questions asked, be at your next gathering. So sit back, relax, and have a cheeky chuckle identifying who’s who in our round up…

The Host/Hostess:

No negotiation here – you always go to their house. Maybe it’s the cleanest. Perhaps they’re the only ones who ALWAYS have toilet roll. Probably they let you stay the longest. Whatever the case, mates descend upon their living quarters like a swarm, swapping booze and bites for a place to crash. You’d do the same for them, wouldn’t you? Nope, thought not.

The Party Animal:

Always up for it. Relentless in their pursuit of a good time. It doesn’t matter what the vibe is; even if it’s just chilling on a Sunday afternoon they don’t care, they’ll still want a raucous time. Can often be heard inferring the night will get messy and lifting the spirits of all who choose to follow them.

The Traveller:

Worldly wise, bringing culture and expansion of the mind to the group with reflections on their globe trotting experiences. Ahem, maybe not. Most likely this friend travelled around South East Asia for a month, maybe two; went to a few full moon parties; drank questionable things from a bucket with a straw and now just WON’T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Approach with caution, lest you get reeled in to talking about how beautiful Buddhist priests in Laos are for three hours.

The Story Topper:

Similarly to the traveller, this one’s always got a story to tell. Except it’s not the same tale over and over, it’s a tawdry tome that will always be one up on someone else. Stayed out ’til 3am did you? This guy was out until dawn two days later. Went to that new burger joint and demolished the biggest on the menu? Are you kidding?! This dude had one every day for a week, along with pizza, fries and a shake on the side! Be wary of getting into a story war here; you just won’t win.

The Old Faithful:

The friend that’s always by your side. You want what they want and you offer moral support throughout a host of taxing situations, mostly involving the aforementioned characters. This one’s your rock; when you don’t want to go to a party but you kind of should, they’ll be there to take the edge off and keep you entertained. When it’s 4am and you’re crying into your takeaway because you lost a shoe, they’re there.

Whatever the occasion, keep an eye out for these specialities – we know you know them.