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Boaty McBoat Race

22 Mar Boaty McBoat Race

Boats, boozing and a bucketful of banter. Who else is ready for the Oxford vs Cambridge annual boat race this Saturday, 24th March?


There’s something marvellously British about taking to the streets for an all-day booze-fest, queueing far too long to use pub toilets and getting a little over the top with the waving of paper flags of support, for a sport you don’t really understand… and we at Victor’s absolutely CAN’T WAIT!


That (and the slither of sunshine we experienced yesterday) got us all irritably excited for a full-on summer of great British Events. We’re sure you would agree that all of the below events would hugely benefit from an ice-cold keg of Victor’s to tap out by your side. If you manage to attend any of the following with a Victor’s keg, send a photo to and we will reward you suitably:


  • THE BOAT  RACE  (as per above)   24th March
  • LONDON MARATHON   22nd April
  • CHEESE ROLLING   28th May
  • WIMBLEDON   2-15th July
  • READING/ LEEDS FESTIVAL   24th- 26th August


As all British sports days, we recommend bringing the essentials of: an umbrella, sun tan lotion, sausage rolls, serviettes and whatever your favourite tipple (a keg of Victor’s). Preferably all stuffed into a rucksack or a holey hessian bag.

crafty apple

Rain or shine, we’ll see you there for the start of a stonkingly good season of Great British sport and silliness. (Try saying that after a pint!)

boat race