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Cheese egg

04 Apr Easter

One of our most favoured times of year over at Cider Towers. Not because of the excess of egg shaped chocolate, the delightfully pink leg of lamb or the fact someone got resurrected all those years ago. But simply because it’s the holy grail of the Great British bank holiday.
Yes, not only do we get that life-saving Monday off work (not talking about the whole Jesus fandango here actually, but the life of our poor insides from being allowed to get far too messy on a usual Sunday school night) but we get THE FRIDAY OFF WORK TOO. OMFG. The thought of this double whammy of a long glorious weekend bolstered with a bank holiday either side makes us want to go and skip through a field with all the new born carefree lambs and sing something about Easter. Ahhhh.

Now, over to the more important fact that Easter Eggs seem to have gone turbo this year. We’re all for leaping in the air with joy at the thought of a few extra days off without dipping into the holiday allowance, but giving someone an avocado Easter egg is a bit far, right? Slap on the wrist for you, Waitrose. Not to mention the solid cheese eggs gracing the shelves of your favourite supermarkets.

AvocadoCheese egg

Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on chocolate moulded into something fancy (by fancy I mean a bunny, a chicken or an avocado), why not buy your peers something slightly more alternative (and awesome) this year.

Here’s our list of what millennials really would like for Easter this year:

Mysecco. The gift that keeps on giving, well for 14 days – until it’s ready to pop that is. Can you get any cooler than making your own sparkling wine?

Mysecco lifestyle

An actual avocado. A true hipster would actually prefer this to the chocolate pretending to be one. No one likes a fake.


Make your Own Crafty Apple Cider. Easter reminds us of spring, and spring reminds us of cider. Fill it, fridge it, feet up, fist pump.

crafty apple cider barrel

Never mind ‘Good’ Friday, we hope you have a fecking fabulous one and an even better Easter Monday. Put that spring in your step and enjoy the weekend.