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Cheese egg

04 Apr Easter

One of our most favoured times of year over at Cider Towers. Not because of the excess of egg shaped chocolate, the delightfully pink leg of lamb or the fact someone got resurrected all those years ago. But simply because it's the holy grail of...

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22 Mar Boaty McBoat Race

Boats, boozing and a bucketful of banter. Who else is ready for the Oxford vs Cambridge annual boat race this Saturday, 24th March? There's something marvellously British about taking to the streets for an all-day booze-fest, queueing far too long to use pub toilets and getting...

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st pads

15 Mar Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish A week far more exciting than this weather lies ahead of us. With both Cheltenham Festival and the glorious St Patrick’s day ahead; Victor’s HQ has the Beroccas at the ready for a wonderful, magnificent and undoubtedly heavy session of a week....

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