Victors Drinks | What is it?
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Victor's Headers-09A wise man once told the nation that V is for Victory, and we couldn’t agree more.

It’s as simple as it sounds, just add water, the sachet provided and in 48 hours enjoy the fruits of your labour.

The cider of your recreation.

Victor's Headers-10Not from a can. Not from a home brew kit. From you.

Join the revolution. Be a hero. Taste Victory.

Let the legend commence.

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Release your inner nerd and read on. For the apple cider, the sugar in the apples begins a process called fermentation once yeast is added.  The yeast acts as an enzyme and helps convert the sugars into ethanol (alcohol) and carbon dioxide. For the true brainiacs amongst us, the equation is below.

The carbon dioxide bubbles out of the liquid into the air and is released through the valve at the top of the box. Fermentation is a complicated process, which can be disrupted by a number of things such as temperature change or contamination.  Any contamination may damage the taste of your drink before it has had a chance to develop properly. 


It’s pretty essential to keep everything as clean as possible (including the valve on the top) to stop any nasty bacteria getting inside the box, which might spoil the great taste.

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Victor’s Drinks has been in the pipeline since way back in 2009. Officially launched in September 2013, it’s the same team now who started back then. Having decided that off-shelf drinks were boring, and home brew kits were too much hassle, we started making something that makes cider making easy. We called it, easy to make cider (it took ages to think of that).


Everyone knows if you want something right,

you have to do it yourself.